TQ-Prep Workstation

Proven Performance and Reliability

The TQ-Prep Workstation delivers whole blood lysis cell preparations for your flow cytometry needs time after time. A standard 32-tube carousel allows walk-away processing and perfectly complements our Navios EX flow cytometer.

The IMMUNOPREP Reagent System with ready-to-use CYTO-STAT tetraCHROME Monoclonal Antibody Reagents provides fast no-wash sample preparations for flow cytometric analysis, while maintaining cellular integrity and morphology.

  • True walkaway operation from onboard incubation and lysis cycle processing
  • User-friendly interface with a larger icon-driven touchscreen
  • Maximum reliability with minimal maintenance
  • The vortex system mixing ensures reproducible homogenous cell lysis
  • Reagent dispensing with syringe pump system consistently provides precise and accurate volumes
  • Sample throughput of up to 32 samples in only 24 minutes
  • Windows 10 IOT (Internet of things) Enterprise LTSC Operating System
  • Data transfer via USB


The TQ-Prep Workstation and IMMUNOPREP Reagent System together provide rapid, no-wash whole-blood sample preparation. Automation provides inter-sample and inter-laboratory consistency and reproducibility.


  • Reduced number of repeat samples for cost & labor efficiencies
  • Sample throughput of up to 32 samples in 24 minutes


  • Maximum reliability with minimal maintenance
  • Continuous real-time feedback allowing operators to follow incubation & lysing processes


  • Onboard incubation and lysis cycle processing for walkaway operation
  • Advanced syringe pump system for precise & accurate reagent dispensing

TQ-Prep Upgraded

  • Updated covers for front panel and reagent cover with improved fit
  • Data privacy and security enhancements
  • Updated safety certificates
  • The touch screen interface has been replaced with a capacitive touch display interface
  • Display icons have been resized for larger display

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TQ-Prep Workstation & IMMUNOPREP Reagent System Brochure Automated. Whole Blood Lysis. When You Need It Most.

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