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Live 30-Minute QC Suite Product Demos

Июнь 22 - 24, 2021

We’re hosting a series of live product demos. Below you can see the topics and the date/times of the scheduled demos.

Live 30-Minute Product Demo Schedule:

  • June 22nd @ 12 pm - Particle Sizing
  • June 23rd @ 12 pm - TOC Water
  • June 24th @ 12 pm - Air Particle Counting

Our QC instruments were designed for bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing—from cleanroom production through final product testing and ALCOA-compliant data management for streamlined reporting and audits.

Let us help you automate processes and reduce the potential for human errors by eliminating pass/fail calculations, manual data entry and paper records. 

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AUC 2022

Июль 10 - 15, 2022

Lethbridge, Alberta



Adapting the power of density gradient separations for characterizing viral vector fullness

июля 12, 2022

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