Cassettes for Flow Cytometry

Cassettes hold different types and sizes of specimen collection tubes. Beckman Coulter cassettes are specifically designed for the AQUIOS CL system for use with the autoloader. See the table below to determine which cassette is right for your needs. 


Description Status Part #
Cassette Type 1 For tubes: 13mm x 75mm nMD B25218
Cassette Type 2 For tubes: 13mm X 100mm     nMD B25219
Cassette Type 3 For tubes: 16mm X 100mm nMD B25220
Cassette Type 4 For tubes: 10.25mm X 50mm
nMD B25221
Cassette Type 5 For tubes: AQUIOS IMMUNO-TROL Control Tube nMD B25318
Cassette Type 6 For tubes: Sarstedt 13mm X 75mm nMD B25918
Cassette Type 7 For tubes: Sarstedt 13mm x 90mm nMD B52994
Cassette Type 8 For tubes: Sarstedt 11mm X 66mm nMD B53022
Cassette Type 9 For tubes: Sarstedt 15mm X 92mm nMD B53031
Cassette Type 10                                            For tubes: Sarstedt 13mm X 65mm nMD B53808


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