The analysis of CD34+ hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells is a highly regulated test in clinical flow cytometry. The AQUIOS STEM System combines the automation of the AQUIOS CL with the benefits of a stem cell enumeration solution adaptable to your laboratory needs.

  • Complete automation of the preparation and analysis
  • Flexible assay setup to run 3 different panels as part of the IVD solution
  • 2-level process control with barcoded assay sheets
  • Prioritized handling of emergency samples
  • Full traceability of reagents ensured via barcodes
  • Processing at room temperature with an IVD compliant lysis and beads


Complete automation, full traceability of reagents, 2-level process control and adaptability to your laboratory needs is the evolution of the gold standard for the analysis of CD34+ hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells.

Complete automation

Puzzle piece – AQUIOS CL Flow Cytometer

  • Processing of samples via cassettes with the option to process prioritized samples via the single tube loader
  • Room temperature ready lysing reagent and absolute counting beads
  • Preparation and subsequent analysis in one system

Innovative Reagent Concept

Puzzle piece – AQUIOS STEM Kit

  • Enables sample runs in duplicate plus negative control, in duplicate, or as single test as part of the IVD solution
  • Full traceability via barcoded reagents
  • Sample processing at room temperature

Intuitive Software

Puzzle piece – AQUIOS STEM Software

  • Automated gating algorithms following the ISHAGE Guidelines
  • AQUIOS Smart Track to ensure full traceability of reagents, specimen and patient ID
  • Option to use LIS

Standardized QC

Puzzle piece – AQUIOS STEM CD34 Control

  • 2-level process controls that encompass clinical decision levels
  • Barcoded assay sheet to enter QC data
  • Option to compare QC data with other labs via eIQAP

Introducing the AQUIOS STEM System


Выбрать модель STEM

База знаний

AQUIOS STEM System Brochure You can help save lives. We´ll help you find live stem cells.
AQUIOS STEM System Technical Specification The AQUIOS STEM System is an IVD solution for the automated analysis of CD34+ hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells.

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